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  Shandong Yu Zhi Hui ke new Materials Co.,Ltd.,founded in 2022, the company is located in the world cultural celebrities pu song-ling's hometown, new material industrial park, zichuan longquan town in the distance under the high speed in the road of 1.8 km, 100 km away from jinan YaoQiang airport, 300 km away from Qingdao port, convenient traffic conditions.

  In 2022 and Zibo Zichuan Daoxin Abrasives Factory, chinalco non-ferrous metal research institute of zhengzhou, henan university of technology set up industrial cooperation. By using Zibo Zichuan Daoxin Abrasives Factory fifteen years of silicon carbide powder production experience, from the flat alumina powder raw material to the equipment process is optimized and improved, investment in 2000 to establish a new tablet alumina powder production line, the line is to application in electronics industry standards, to ensure the stable and reliable products. Companies strive to become flat alumina powder industry advanced enterprises, the future full of import substitution, solve the problems of their business.

  Zibo Zichuan Daoxin Abrasives Factory is Zibo the backbone enterprises of the industry, has domestic advanced silicon carbide powder production line and advanced testing equipment and process technology. Brings together a group of high-quality professionals in the field of domestic grinding, based on the domestic research on new technology to develop new products, constant innovation and development, leading the new trend of the grinding area. Product quality in strict accordance with the GB standards in China, Europe, Japan JIS standard FEPA standard for production, can also according to customer's need to develop special types of products. Products are exported to Japan, South Korea, the United States, India, Thailand, China Taiwan, more than a dozen countries and regions, both at home and abroad enjoy high reputation in the market.

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