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What are our technological advantages?

Date Time:2022-11-11 17:09

Enterprise technology Advantage

Grinding method:

Using new grinding equipment, in the condition of stable particle size and particle type of raw materials, high grinding efficiency, particle size concentration, good particle dispersion, no tissue adhesion.

Area isolation:

Different production processes are separated by two layers of sections to avoid the pollution between the processes, and fully meet the application standards of the electronic industry.

Industrial chain:

Established industrial cooperation with CHINALCO Zhengzhou Nonferrous Metal Research Institute and Henan University of Technology. Not only the growth mechanism of plate alumina was clarified, but also the stability of raw material was ensured. At the same time, we made the grinding mechanism more clear jointly with Henan University of Technology, and truly realized the deep communication link from the source of raw materials to the application to the customer, so as to ensure the stable and long-term product quality.

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