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What is Tabular Alumina Powder? What are the characteristics

Date Time:2022-11-24 09:53

PWA is a high quality alumina abrasive material (recrystallized plate alumina) which is composed of A1203 plate crystal with a purity of more than 99.0%. Excellent heat resistance, chemical is not active, acid and alkali can not be eroded. In addition, because of the stable particle size distribution, the exquisite grinding surface can be obtained, and the excellent grinding efficiency can be played. PWA is a versatile abrasive material with many functions. In addition to suitable for silicon, optical materials, crystal, stainless steel, other metal material grinding material, for coating with silk, grinding cloth paper, even metal and synthetic resin composite material is the most suitable.

For other grinding materials, flat alumina polishing grinding powder has the following characteristics. The main component of this product is industrial alumina, purity of more than 99%, with chemical inertia, excellent heat resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance.

The crystal shape is hexagonal flat, different from the traditional abrasive equivalent volume or spherical, this shape makes the abrasive particles parallel to the surface of the workpiece (such as semiconductor silicon wafer, etc.) in the grinding process, produce sliding grinding effect, rather than the traditional abrasive rolling grinding, so it is not easy to scratch the surface of the workpiece. At the same time, because the grinding pressure is evenly distributed on the surface of the flat particles, the particle breakage is reduced, and the wear resistance is greatly improved, which can provide the best grinding efficiency. Therefore, the number of grinding machines and the grinding time can be reduced. For example, the grinding efficiency of the picture tube glass shell can be increased by 3-5 times, the grinding object is not easy to scratch, and the qualified product rate can be increased by 10% to 15%. Such as semiconductor silicon wafers, the qualified product rate can generally reach more than 99%. The current product market is mainly occupied by Japanese and American products, but the cost performance of our products is much higher than that of similar foreign products, which greatly improves the working efficiency of the factory and reduces the cost.

Because the hardness is higher than that of ordinary alumina grinding polishing powder, the dosage is less than that of ordinary alumina grinding polishing powder. If grinding the same number of products, the dosage is 40% to 50% less than that of ordinary alumina grinding polishing powder.

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